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Upper Endoscopy Information


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ATTENTION UNITEDHEALTHCARE SUBSCRIBERS:  If you have a United Health Plan you may require an insurance authorization or approval for your Upper endoscopy. Your insurance may also direct you to the facility where your policy will cover your procedure regardless of your physician affiliation or your choice of facility.   Contact your insurance customer service department (phone number located on the back of your insurance card) and tell the representative you are having an upper endoscopy that will be billed using CPT code 43235 or 43239 (depending upon findings at the time of your procedure).  Also tell the representative the reason for your endoscopy (i.e. abdominal pain, reflux, Barrett’s disease) and the name of the facility where the procedure is scheduled.   Dr. Curran does procedures at Charles River Endoscopy Center that is a free standing ambulatory center or UMass Marlboro Hospital Outpatient Endoscopy Center or Marlboro Hospital outpatient, both a hospital based facility.) Ask if your policy requires an insurance prior authorization.  Please then contact Doreen at my office with the representative responses as your appointment will need documentation that an authorization and a specific facility is or is not required.  If authorization required, Doreen will then contact your insurance for the authorization necessary to confirm the date and place of your appointment and to submit a claim for your endoscopy.


Make sure you document your insurance call, the date and time and customer service representative.  This will be valuable information if there are any future issues. 





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