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Please arrive at your scheduled facility 30 minutes prior to your procedure. If your procedure is scheduled at Marlboro Hospital pleae arrive at least 50 minutes prior to and proceed to Central Registration.

Unless otherwise instructed by the office, there is no preparation for a sigmoidoscopy. The sigmoidoscopy is a procedure to look inside the rectum and sigmoid (lower part of the colon) for inflammation, polyps, or cancer.

The procedure takes less than five minutes and usually is done without medication. Those patients who choose sedation will not be able to drive after the procedure and will require a ride home.

During the procedure, you will lie on your left side on the examining table. Dr Curran and the endoscopy nurses will monitor your vital sings, look for any signs of discomfort and make adjustments as needed. Dr Curran passes a thin flexible scope through the anus and rectum to visualize on a video screen the lower part of the colon. Dr Curran can remove most abnormal tissue or polyps detected during the procedure. Biopsied tissue and polyps are sent to a pathologist for review.

If you have any questions, please contact the office Mon-Tues 9:30-3:45, Thur 9-4,Fri 9:30-2:45.

***Your sigmoidoscopy brings together an endoscopy team that provides you the best possible care available.  If you are not able to keep your procedure appointment we request at least a 72 hour notice.   Less than 72 hours may result in a $50 cancellation fee.***