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Diabetic Instructions

Diabetes  Instructions:  Colonoscopy prep

Make sure my office knows you are a diabetic.  Make sure your procedure appointment is scheduled for early in the day so that after the procedure you may eat and take your diabetes medicine as close to your usual time as possible.

For patients with diabetes, any test or procedure that causes you to miss a meal or change your usual meal plan will require special planning to safely manage your blood sugars.  Because the timing of your meals and medicines will be different than usual, your blood sugar level is also likely to be different than usual and you will want to watch it closely.

Please call the health care provider who manages your diabetes in advance of your procedure, at least two weeks to guarantee contact.  Let the know that you are having a colonoscopy and will be on a clear liquid diet the day prior to the procedure.  Ask how to adjust your oral or insulin medications throughout the day of your liquid colonoscopy prep.  Also ask your health care provider who manages your diabetes how and when to resume your oral or insulin after your procedure.

Make sure you understand in advance any changes that your health care provider may have made to your diabetes medication schedule.  Make sure you write these instructions down so that you can follow them exactly as given on the day of your colonoscopy prep and procedure.

Any and all questions regarding your diabetic medications should be directed to your health care provider who manages your diabetes.