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Tips for Your Colonoscopy

Common Questions and Tip When Preparing For Your Colonoscopy

Does my insurance company cover the cost of my colonoscopy?

Read through our sheet Know Your Insurance then contact your insurance company re: your coverage.

Why to I have to drink so much?

The large amount of liquid together with the colon prep washes the bowel clean. A clean colon allows Dr Curran to see the colon and remove polyps.

Can I drink alcoholic beverages?

We strongly suggest you do not drink any alcohol since it can cause dehydration.

What if I begin to feel bloated, nauseous or begin to vomit?

These symptoms are temporary and should pass once bowel movements begin. It is important that you try to continue drinking the solution. If you do vomit, wait 30 minutes and begin drinking the solution again. Drinking the prep through a straw is helpful. You might try taking 6 oz rather that 8 oz. Rinse your mouth with water between glasses. When done the solution, refresh your mouth by brushing your teeth, rinsing with mouthwash, or try sucking on hard candy. No candies with soft centers.

What if I do not start to have bowel movements?

Keep drinking.. Most people have a bowel movement after an hour; for some it may take up to two or more hours.

Why the split dosing of the colonoscopy prep?

Even with no food intake and a good preliminary clean out, overnight the colon accumulates mucus, bile, and liquid from the small bowel. Most of this debris winds up on the right side of the colon. With a split dosing you get a cleaner colon. The right side is particularly clean, which allows Dr Curran to see small polyps that might not be seen otherwise. A poor clean out of the colon may require a repeat colonoscopy sooner than planned. This is why a second dose of bowel prep is recommended about five hours before your exam.

What can I do if my bottom becomes sore?

Clean the rectal area by gently patting with a warm washcloth or aloe baby wipe. You can apply Vaseline, or Desitin ointment.

Will I be comfortable during the colonoscopy?

Every effort is made to make your colonoscopy safe and comfortable.  An anesthesiologist will administer Propofol.  Let us know if you have a prior allergy to Propofol or soy.

What if on the day of my procedure I have a cold, sinuis or upper respitory infection, or my period

These situations do not interfere with the procedure. You do not need to reschedule. If you would feel more comfortable with your period not coinciding with your colonoscopy, please remember your cycle dates when booking the procedure.

What if I have to cancel my colonoscopy procedure?

Your colonoscopy brings together an endoscopy team that provides you the best possible care available.  If you are not able to keep your procedure appointment we request at least a 72 hour notice.   Less than 72 hours may result in a $50 cancellation fee.

How will I know the results of my test?

You will receive a copy of your report and discharge instructions.  If Dr Curran feels that you need a follow up office visit, he will write that you should call the office and set up an appointment.  Biopsy results take 10-14 days.  the office will call if a biopsy or polyp report requires follow up.  If you do not need a follow up you will be placed on a recall schedule.   All PCPs receive copies of the colonoscopy and any pathology.