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Office Information

The office usual hours are Monday 9:30-4-Tuesday 19:30-4-Thursday 9:30-5 -Friday 9:30-3:00.  For medical emergencies outside of these hours, patients should go to the nearest hospital emergency room or dial 911.

Dr. Curran, Dottie Hewitt the office medical assistant and Maria Tinglof the office receptionist  work as a team. The front staff schedules appointments at times that work best for patients. Emergency appointments usually are scheduled at the end of the day. We know that everyone’s time is valuable. The office makes every effort to keep on schedule though sometimes unavoidable emergencies arise that cause schedule delays. We appreciate your understanding of such situations.

The office does take missed appointments seriously. If for any reason an appointment with  Dr Curran is scheduled but cannot be kept, the offices requires 24 hours. There is a $25 fee for all missed appointments without notification.

It is important that patients be prepared for an appointment. Patients should bring a list of medical diagnosis, a list of the names and dosages of all their prescription and over the counter medication. It is beneficial to know the medical history of immediate family especially specific to GI diseases and cancers. This office is not always able to secure patient medical information from other physicians or facilities.  If a patient has had recent lab work, imaging studies or other MD notes or consultation pertinent to your visit with Dr Curran we request that you mail or fax  all information to our office prior to the visit (fax 888-369.9408).  You can call your PCP or facility for this information.  You can also obtain this information if you are signed up for a patient portal.  Having this information ahead of time will avoid delays on the day of your visit as well as avoid repeat testing.

Please bring to the office a form of identification and your insurance cards.The office follows referral and copay policies as defined by contracted HMO insurances. If a PCP referral is required, patients must make sure an active referral is on file. Patients without active referrals will be required to sign a referral waiver and will be responsible for the cost of the visit. Copays are due at the time of service. Any unpaid copay will be billed with an additional administrative fee of $10.

When in the office please remember to ask if you need a refill medication prescription. Outside of an office visit, please ask your pharmacist to electronically forward a refill request. Mail order pharmacies should fax a refill request to the office. Allow five working days to process your refill. Prescriptions that require a prior authorization from an insurance company may take 10-14 days to process. Refill prescriptions are filled if you have been seen in the office within a year’s time. Patients who have not been seen in the office within a year must schedule an office appointment.

All tests and procedures results ordered from this office are reviewed. The office contacts those patients whose results require treatment or a change in treatment. Patients who would like to review labs, studies or procedures are welcome to set up an office appointment.

Messages to speak with Dr. Curran or Dottie Hewitt  are left with the front staff. Phone calls are most often returned within 48 hours.

This office shares with you the goal of your good health and believes this can be best achieved through mutual trust, respect and understanding.