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Preparing for Upper Endoscopy

Preparation For An Upper GI Endoscopy:

Please arrive at your scheduled facility 30 minutes prior to your procedue. If your procedure is scheduled at Marlboro Hospital, plase arrive at least 50 minutes prior to and proceed upon arrival to Central Registration.

The procedure itself takes less than 30 minutes. Some patients request anesthesia.  If sedated, you  must have someone take you home or accompany  you in a taxi.  You should not drive the day of your endoscopy.  Without anesthesia, you will be discharged right after the procedure and can drive.

– If you take a blood thinner such as Coumadin, Plavix, Warfarin, Eliquis, Zarelto ,  Pradaxa,  Clopidogrel, Arixtra, Dabigtran, Apixaban, Rivaroxban, or Ticagrelor please notify my office as soon as possible.   You will also need to contact your prescribing physician regarding any 7 day adjustment to your medications or additional blood tests prior to your colonoscopy.  Let my office know adjustments made, not made and/or blood test results.  Call my office with any questions or concerns.

If you take a daily aspirin, please let the office know.  You will not be asked  to stop this medication.

Your stomach and duodenum must be empty for the procedure to be thorough and safe. You can eat up to 8 hours before your procedure, then no solid foods only clear liquids.   Clear liquids include:  coffee or tea without dairy/non-dairy creamers;  all carbonated beverages and non carbonated beverages such as Gatorade or vitamin water, apple juice, white cranberry or grape juice, broths, jello, popsicles and Italian ice.  Please avoid clear liquids that are red or purple. You can drink clear liquids up to 4 hours prior to your procedure then nothing to drink until after your procedure.

Please bring an up to date list of your prescribed and over the counter medications.

Please make sure if your insurance requires a referral that you notify your primary care physician of your procedure date. If there is no active referral on file your procedure may be rescheduled or become your financial responsibility.

ATTENTION UNITEDHEALTHCARE SUBSCRIBERS:  If you have a United Health Care Plan you may require an insurance authorization or approval for your Upper endoscopy. Your insurance may also direct you to the facility where your policy will cover your procedure regardless of your physician affiliation or your choice of facility.   Contact your insurance customer service department (phone number located on the back of your insurance card) and tell the representative you are having an upper endoscopy that will be billed using CPT code 43235 or 43239 (depending upon findings at the time of your procedure).  Also tell the representative the reason for your endoscopy (i.e. abdominal pain, reflux, Barrett’s disease) and the name of the facility where the procedure is scheduled.   Dr. Curran does procedures at Charles River Endoscopy Center that is a free standing ambulatory center or UMass Marlboro Hospital Outpatient Endoscopy Center or Marlboro Hospital outpatient, both a hospital based facility. Ask if your policy requires an insurance prior authorization.  Please then contact Doreen at my office with the representative responses as your appointment will need documentation that an authorization and a specific facility is or is not required.  If authorization required, Doreen will then contact your insurance for the authorization necessary to confirm the date and place of your appointment and to submit a claim for your endoscopy.

Please arrive at your designated facility 30-45 minutes prior to your scheduled endoscopy time.

The day of your endoscopy will receive a written report from Dr. Curran with possible findings and follow up instructions. Biopsies reports may take up to 10 days. The office will contact you only if the biopsy is abnormal and requires treatment. Most people will probably have nothing more than a mild sore throat after the procedure.

***Your upper endoscopy brings together an endoscopy team that provides you the best possible care available.  If you are not able to keep your procedure appointment we request at least a 72 hour notice.   Less than 72 hours may result in a $50 cancellation fee.***